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Herbal Tea Blends

Crafted to perfection using only the finest, freshest sourced ingredients. 

$10 per jar (30 servings per jar)
Each blend crafted upon order.

Every Day Blends

Enjoy these blends daily. 

Chai Tea Blend

An outstanding digestive tea. Big, bold, spicy, warming & slightly sweet. (No caffeine)

Chocolate Chai Tea Blend

Crafted to sooth the soul with warmth. High in antioxidants & chocolate. Big, bold, spicy, warming, slightly sweet & chocolate.

Divine Goddess

A soothing blend, crafted to amplify your inner excellence.

Energizing Tea Blends

A great daily morning blend or afternoon pick me up. 

Passion Tea

Find your inner passion with this invigorating, cacao spirited blend.

Pick Me Up

Crafted to be the perfect way to begin your day, or offer just the right amount of pick me up in the afternoon. It is a mildly sweet and lightly fragrant blend without the caffeine kick found in green and black teas.

Energizing Detox

Crafted to boost energy daily with 13 powerful metabolism-boosting superfoods. Light, delightful flavor. Perfect for a daily energy boost!

Sunshine Blend

Crafted to shoo away the winter blues! Restoring, brightens mood. Citrus, slightly sweet & bitter.

Relaxing Tea Blends

These blends are great for winding down from daily stress. 

Mindful Bliss

Crafted to hold a space for the mind, body and soul while honoring its place in the world. Light, lemony & gentle.

Meditation Tea

Crafted to help you find your inner peace. A great before bed, or after yoga tea. Calming, light mint & floral notes.

Busy Bee Tea

It’s easy to be overwhelmed these days with the hustle and bustle. This crafted blend will help mellow the daily stresses we incur and promote health and relaxation.

Goodnight Blends

Blends great for before bedtime. 

Chill Out

Perfect for all ages before bed, or when you need some time to yourself.

Nurturing Blends

Help find your inner peace. These blends are crafted to assist you with boosting immunity, boosting mood, or helping to alleviate. 

Arouse Her

Crafted to liberate sexual energy for women.

Fantastic Five

Crafted to boost immunity against illness and help fight any illness you may currently be fighting, high in antioxidants. Sweet, bitter taste.

Headache Tea

Crafted to help minimize even the peskiest headache, migraine, or tension headache.