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Herbal Tea Blends

We offer a variety of herbal tea blends using all  naturally sourced ingredients, most sourced from certified organic farms. Our blends are designed to promote health from the inside out. 

Check out our tea page to find the perfect blend for you. 

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Forest-Fed Pork

Forest and Pasture, Humanely Raised Pork. No antibiotics or hormones given. Fresh produce given daily. 

$5.50/lb for whole hog  
$5.75/lb for side (1/2 hog) 
Price per pound is based upon hanging weight and includes processing, smoking, and vacuum sealing at a USDA inspected facility.
Deposit required to reserve yours.

Pasture Raised Beef

Pasture raised, quality beef. Our beef is supplied by an 8th generation farm neighboring ours who believes in the same standards as we do, Potter Farms. 

Our beef is USDA inspected and available as part of our meat CSA share package. 

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Free Range Chicken and Duck Eggs

Free Range, Humanely Raised Chicken and Duck Eggs

$3.50/ dozen Chicken Eggs
$4.00/ dozen Duck Eggs
Availability limited, please inquire.

CSA Egg Shares also available

Read more about CSA

Pasture Raised Poultry

Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Chicken and Turkey, no antibiotics or hormones. Ever!

$4.00/lb Whole Chicken
$3.75/ lb for 5 or more whole chickens
Average weight (4-5 lbs)

$4.00/ lb Turkey
Limited availability, reserve ahead

Pasture Raised Rabbit

Pasture Raised Rabbit. No antibiotics or hormones. Ever!

$7.00/ lb 

Pasture Raised Waterfowl

Pasture Raised Duck and Goose, no antibiotics or hormones. Ever!

$12/ lb Goose (Limited Availability)
$8/ lb Duck (Limited Availability)